Saturday, March 22, 2014

Living the life and life happens

It’s easy to write about consciousness, talk beautifully and clearly about awareness, give lectures about enlightenment and unexcelled bliss, pose as some kind of authority or guru…

But life itself is the crucible when it comes to awakening. Our perfectly constructed theories crumble to dust, our perfectly memorized sutras and quotes from beloved masters are forgotten, our spiritual knowledge is rendered irrelevant soon enough. Our hearts our broken, our success turns to failure overnight, the next step in the journey is suddenly unclear, all certainties evaporate. A loss, a break-up, a diagnosis, an excruciating pain, a sudden and unexpected shock, and our cherished ‘enlightenment’ suddenly evaporates. We feel like a fraud, a mess, a helpless baby in the face of overwhelming chaos. The teachings seem so far away now. The words all feel like bullshit.

Yet nothing has gone wrong. Nothing has been lost but a dream. Words are meant to fail. The crucible is always alive and well. Hallelujah. We needed to be humbled and enlivened, that’s all. We were getting ahead of ourselves, that’s all. We knew too much, felt too little, were clinging to second hand beliefs, were posing again in front of others. Oops. Life had other plans.

Teachers, gurus, those of you who claim to know, all of you who sometimes pretend to be something you are not, you are all so beloved to life that you will fall from your pedestals into heartbreaking humility before long. And you will weep like a baby with gratitude, grateful for all you have suffered, prostrate before the Intelligence that you cannot hope to understand, ready to shed your image for Truth.

All is well! Yes, all is well!

Jeff Foster

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