Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Monica Videos

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend Pictures

Momma bought me new Monkey Feet Jammies!

OMG.. We are going to my first Christmas Party tomorrow??

Grandma was busy chatting, but so only snapped a few!

I got Grandma's PURSE!

And I met my YAYA today!  First time.  She told my Grandpa that maybe next year I can visit her in Tennessee! 

It was a great weekend!

Monday, December 16, 2013

First Play Date

Hi, I am Monica.  Hi.. I am Hailee.

We have adults all around.. so we have to wait until the camera is off of us to really pull down these ornaments, and toys!

Sesame Street, okay. we can do this.

Have you read the Planet book yet?  It's really educational! 

Hi Michelle, Thank you for bringing Hailee over!!!  


Let's see.. what is on the bookshelf!?

Or what's on TV?

Nah.. get me the ABC BOOK!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

MCC 2013

Congrats to Monica's Momma, Alyssa Ann Garcia!  

Monica listening to the Choir and band!

Hi Momma!  Proud of you!!