Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grateful for Monica

Before I post all my Monica pictures from the past week, just a little update.   Monica will be 7 months old on Friday.  She has been such a dolly. She has 5 teeth fully cut, and at least 1-3 more coming in right now.  She's drooling, sleepy, nose running! 

The best part, she is still the happiest smiley baby.  Her moods change a little depending on her pain, but for the most part, she wants to be a big girl and play.  The more we challenge or offer her new experiences, the more she accepts and learns news things.  

Today she learned to open the dresser/DVD cabinet doors.  I haven't taken a picture yet, as I wanted to make sure she didn't hurt herself, but she was so proud of herself when she accomplished it!!  

And now for the pictures from the past week!!

Just waking up from her nap. 

I know how to rock this hoodie!

Piano time!

My Black and White 

Let's read

Grandpa is putting up the tree, so I am leaning on a box. 

Can I see that Santa?


Love Mr and Mrs Claus

I can stand.. and even on my tippie toes

Can you see my teeth?

Sitting in Grandpa's chair, happy. 

And I still nap in my playpen!

Why is Eeyore white?

And what is that???

I haven't slept much, please love me. 

My momma's Rudolph from 1991.

Debi is GREAT!  I love this toy!

See Miss Debi?  I get it!!  Thank you!!

Grandma wanted to see if I would like this!

And I can watch tv too?

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