Sunday, November 3, 2013

God's Amazing Grace

It is an amazing time in my life.  Watching my granddaughter grow, and watching my daughter rise up to be a wonderful mother constantly reminds me to Thank the Lord for these blessings and grace!  Words cannot describe the joy we live every day.  Sure we all have jobs, life, bills. Monica's smile is able overcome all of the daily routine.

Monica wakes up happy, spends time with her Momma. "Snuggle Time"  Even the way Monica smiles at Alyssa, touches her face to make nice.. warms my heart.  Monica doesn't even cry for a bottle first thing in the morning, as she loves her morning time.

After they wake up, they stop in my home office where I get love, kisses and hugs.  With Monica only being six months old, and this the routine every week day, I look forward to Mondays!

Every day is something new.  Alyssa and Monica hang out while I work.  I come downstairs on breaks, lunch, to play.  When Alyssa is at work or school, Monica and I play music, videos, dance, play piano, toys, and read. Books online or paper books, she is so attentive.  Of course, I take loads of pictures to capture each day.

Grandpa Rick is one of the happiest person I know.  If he doesn't get a picture from us after a few hours, we get a call on HIS break or lunch to remind us.

Monica is such a little ham.  I think she loves the sound of the camera, the camera phone, or the Galaxy Tab Camera SNAP. She smiles.  She giggles.  Even her sticking her tongue out at us, hilarious.

We don't watch much television with her.  Monica loves her Sesame Street, and her jumper for bouncing and dancing while watching.  I know I would rather play with her on the floor with good music in the background, or pull out the piano or guitar.  She is a trooper, and letting me try different ways to engage her.  Hands, feet, head!

We also watch Veggie Tales once or twice a week.  She now squeals for the music! The Veggie Tales Mini Movie, King George and the Ducky, is her gasping fav! She even mouths the songs.

The funniest part of this experience is how fast six months goes by, and even faster how I have to take 20-25 pictures a "shot" since she is always smiling, laughing, moving.

Grandma's time is so much different than when I was a Mom.  First and foremost, in order for Monica to feel the love and happiness, we have to BE happy. Kids pick up on everything, so demonstrating love and happiness cannot be faked.  There is a quite moment that we have every day, around 4:30, when Grandma gets off of work, and we sit and talk.  That is something my daughter taught me.  Just like her morning time with Monica, sometimes just sitting on the couch, holding hands, and laughing, and talking is so peaceful.

Now it's Sunday night, another week of fun and experiences.  Life is blessed for us!

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