Thursday, July 4, 2013

Drafts never posted

Independence Day

As I blog today, I would like to state I have about 25 "draft" posts, never published.  Not even to my secret private blog.

It has been a year since I let go of all the "BS" in my life, and a year later, I have no regrets.

Have I been frustrated, angry, helpless at times?  Of course.  Then I start "blogging" the negative, and by the time I get almost done, I close without publishing. Why?  I cut those ties.  Some ties were cut for me. Either way, we are all free from the drama that we choose to walk away from.  And those that walked away from us, are free too.  It is an Independence day for anyone who decides to free themselves.

On another personal note.  Last year, sick as I was, no one ever pin pointed what happened.

Two days ago, I felt EXACTLY the same way as when I was sick.  Scary right?  Flu-like symptoms, vomiting, flushed, chills, PHLEGM,  all the same things that put me down and in the toilet bowl for two months last year.  Today, I decided to FREE myself once again.  I was still feeling yucky.  I forced myself to work outside, trimmed all the trees, the lilac bush, and opened the pool.  I must have lost 20 pounds of sweat.  Then drank a case of water,  ate my veggies, fruit, and BBQ for dinner.  Took a bath, shower, and BAM!!  NO symptoms.

Awareness and action of what drags you down, physically, mentally, emotionally, is the only way to health.  Blame, and denial will only prolong and potentially make it worse.

No picture today... just sharing my thoughts!

xoxoxo Kimmy

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