Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sharing a Cry for Help Letter

Written by a young woman scared and tired of the harassment and threats on January 20th, 2013 before the Order of Protection was served:

I have been watching your posts on Twitter. You seem to not be getting this through your head. I have no interest in getting back together with you. I have no interest in working this out with you. This is not something that is negotiable. It is however something that you are going to need to accept.

I will not keep dealing with seeing your angry posts that are pointed in my direction.

Just because it is not direct communication does not mean that it doesn’t count as an attempt to contact me, and I will be placing a restraining order on you so that you will not be able to come anywhere near me.

When you threatened to kill me, and my parents, and said you would beat me until I miscarried. You have not changed and will not change. You are still the bi-polar, depressed, angry person that you were when I was dating you for that short time. In truth, you were a summer mistake that managed to mess up every goal I have had since I was 19. Before I dated you, I was a full time student, working full time, had a great life going for me.

I was broke and broken because my emotions had just been put through hell. I should have left you after you posted that craigslist ad, and before you go off denying that you did this. I have your ad.  I kept it as a reminder. Part of me knew that this was going to end badly and I wanted to make sure that you understand that all of your bull shit saying that you are in love with me is proved false, no one in love does something that stupid.

There is nothing that will ever convince me to let you back into my life for that matter. The more that you continue to post, the more I will monitor, make sure everything that I can use against you in a court of law.

The best decision that you can make at this point is to drop this before this restraining order goes into place, because if I see anything that is directed at me, I will call the police department and have you arrested for violating a restraining order.

Stay the away from me. Stay away from my family. 

(Victim's name withheld)

Readers? What is there to learn here from this cry for help?

People continue patterns.  

In court today the victim saw a little boy, without a voice of his own, get bailed out once again by his enablers.  He lied, under law, that he never threatened her life and the life of her unborn child.  Is this the kind of person she would ever choose to be her daughter's father?  The answer is hell no.

A summer mistake, she calls the abuser.  His words to her, to her friends, on his blogs, on his twitter, facebook, and even his craigslist posts asking for sex with a picture of his boyhood said it all.  I would post the ad here, but I have other plans for his public cravings... more to come on that front.

A win in court is about keeping him far from this family.  She won either way.

This woman has always proven work ethic. For those that don't know what that is; she has gone to school, established a career, and she is working on all her IT certs before her baby gets here early May.

She was raised to be independent, and to be able to support herself and her daughter.

His karma is not what a judge would give him. His karma is his constant suffering, inner turmoil, confusion and addictions.  The people that are still tolerating him, suffer from his lashing out 24/7.   This victim is now out of his life, and that was her choice.   The rest enable and tolerate him, also by choice.

Life is about choices.  My blog has never been about "judging", but more about admitting mistakes, and changing your path.  No matter how far you think you get on a certain path, you can always turn around and make better decisions.

This girl was on the wrong path, and left, on her own, to protect her and her unborn child. Now she is on another path, that only the strong can climb.

The abuser can't follow.  That would be actual work.  And we all know the ones like that.. unless the enablers do it for them, they sit and sulk.

No more tears. Never give up, just keep starting over!

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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