Saturday, June 2, 2012

Transforming Your Perceptions

You do not have pure experiences. You place perceptions upon your experiences. The perceptions of all your experiences from all your lifetimes are stored in your seven major chakras which are energy centers in your body. Your perceptions of pain, fear and limitation shape your reality of how the world works, how you create, and the boundaries of your existence in this world.

Perceptions exist at an energy level. You transform perceptions by sending them into the power of universal love simply by setting your intent to do so. For your perceptions to reach universal love they must travel through the energies of the mass consciousness. Higher awareness' in this universe have cleared seven energy pathways through the energies of the mass consciousness to make it possible for your perceptions to reach universal love undistorted, to be perfected by that love, and then to be returned to your chakras undistorted. A pathway exists for each one of the seven major chakras.

Before the pathways existed, humanity could not truly transform the perceptions in their chakras because they could not get through the distorting energies of the mass consciousness. People could balance their chakras, rearrange the perceptions in their chakras, but they never could truly transform the perceptions stored in their chakras. This is why the seven energy pathways offer such a monumental opportunity to heal.

How to transform the perceptions in your chakras, using the seven energy pathways:

If your mind needs visual direction, see the energy pathway connect to your chakra that it was specifically designed for. There is a energy pathway designed to connect to each one of your seven major chakras.

Send the perceptions of pain, fear and limitation up the pathways into the golden light of universal love. You do this by simply setting your intent and allowing it to happen.

See and feel the perceptions you released transformed by the beautiful golden light of love. Then see the transformed perceptions return to the chakras that they came from.

The secret to clearing your chakras is realizing you are working with energy you can't feel with your five senses. TRUST that your intent to enter those energy pathways simply puts you there. It is that simple! It is not meant to be difficult in anyway to use these pathways to transform your perceptions.

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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