Saturday, May 26, 2012

Train Ride to Heaven

I am not sure how to start this, as I have a lot on my mind. The moral of this post is you ARE what you surround yourself with. And that is how you will be remembered after your train ride to heaven.

One of my oldest friends of the family, whom I consider my cousin, lost her father on Thursday.  Arthur Blavat. Obituary can be found here.

I wouldn't exist without this man. This wonderful family man was the one who introduced my parents. He was one of my father's best friends. They grew up together in the 40s in Stevens Point Wisconsin. When my dad heard about it, he immediately pulled out a wedding picture where he was the best man in his wedding.

Here was a man that raised his three kids, cared and supported his wife, and loved his grandchildren like they were gold!  He surrounded himself with love. That is the way to life a full life!

I am very sad, because I know death is a part of life, however it is starting to happen sooner than I wanted. I still have my dad, and love every moment I spend with him. I don't want to feel what she is going through... it hurts too much to think about.

Dad and I are going to the visitation and funeral on Tuesday together. Just the two of us. I am happy that we are able to go. It will be a nice trip, for a sad occasion. But my dad will be able to say goodbye, and visit with some of his family that he grew up with.

I hear many people, friends, family, internet buddies complain, (as I do at times), about their current, past, or future issues. There is much blame in those complaints. The same surround rule applies. How can one focus on the right now, and gratitude for what good you DO have in your life, when all the AMPLIFIED focus is on what you want or don't have?

It's your choice on what you focus on. 

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