Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gemini Rules

Gemini Dates: May 21 - June 21

Third Sign of the Zodiac: The sign of the Twins  
Birthstone of Gemini: Pearl  
Alternate Birthstones of Gemini: Emerald Alexandrite, Agate and Ruby  
Ruling Planet of Gemini: Mercury
Ruling Element of Gemini: Air

I hate to admit it, but I need to get out of the Taurus era here, and move into GEMINI! I need my element!

You can say what you want about us twin personalities, but it's about knowing whom to be, when needed. I have worn many hats in my life, and almost age 40, I still see more coming. This is a great thing!! Does my career move into Nursing, like I have always wanted? Do I go back to school again, and decide later?

Fear of change doesn't scare a Gemini. If we start to feel anxious, we decide to be that other person inside of us that knows we pretty much succeed in everything we do. This is viewed by many as a cockiness. However, this attitude is nothing more than a mindset. It's how a Gemini survives. We don't depend on someone to raise us up when we fail. We respond much better to a kick in the behind.

I am a later month Gemini, so I can stay 39 a little longer, but I am starting to get hyped! Woo hoo!

Below are some of my fav quotes that are so true in my case! Enjoy!

Favorite Gemini Quotes:
  • I have a multiple personalities. I show you the one I want you to know.
  • You must show a Gemini valid & accurate evidence once the damage has been done, for trust.
  • I have contradicting opinions on everything!!
  • Once a Gemini loses trust in someone, that person is never trusted again.
  • We are capable of tackling almost anything, so long as they do not become bored.
  • Gemini would sit and analyze everything and would say the things you can't say out loud.
  • And the MOST truth.. As a Gemini, spare time is a problem for you.
Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes. 

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  1. I love the quotes about Gemini's! I know a few and I think they are pretty accurate. Almost the big 40 huh??? I wish I could say that lol!
    Love ya,
    Janet :)