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How to contact your Guardian Angel

Angels are like children who like nice places and good feelings. On the basis of this, I will show you how to contact them and enjoy all the gifts they can give you.

All without exception have an angel to turn (sometimes presented in our dreams ) to somehow be able to help you solve problems, and comfort with you forever.
Angels are loving the smells, the colors and light , like the environments full of harmony and away when negative situations, shadows and darkness. It should also be noted that each sign has its own angel, but you can call anyone, the only important thing is to have you lot confidence to grant him the request.

Then I'll tell you what each angel gives:

Anael : It will give comfort and harmony in love.
Rafael : Clarify your mind and facilitate communication with others.
Camael : The energy and help you realize your plans.
Gabriel : It gives harmony to your family and cares for children.
Miguel : This protects you from lawsuits and disputes with others.
Zadkiel : This relates to all the mystical, religious and healing of diseases.
Cassiel : It will help tackle economic problems.
Orifiel : It will help in the changes that you experience in life.
Asariel : Solve problems between brothers and give his family well.

To contact them you must choose a corner of his house, the one you like, in that place made ​​an altar where you place the four natural elements:

Fire : a candle which will write the name of the angel.
Air : an incense scent that you prefer.
Water : a glass of water.
Earth : a rock.

Begin your ritual lighting the candle and incense, then call the angel by name and ask you what you want. It is very important that you speak with love and faith. When finished let the candle and incense burning and do not forget to turn it off and give thanks before dark.

Translated and taken from How to contact your Guardian Angel by Posted 26.08.2009 by Jtorero

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  1. Hi Kimmy, good to see your back to blogging, I hope your feeling good. This is great information, I believe in calling on the Angels when we are in need of them, but I have never heard of this ritual, good to know!
    Love and light,
    Janet :)