Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Body of Light

The student should see and feel his body as if composed of Pure White Flame sending out long Rays of Light. The Flame is your Real Self - "The Mighty I AM Presence", the Full Christ Perfection. The Rays shooting forth are the Divine Mind, or "Love in Action". These Rays are what follow your Conscious Direction, carrying your thought and producing magical results when consciously directed, held firm by determined, unwavering, Conscious Attention. The "Light" you thus visualize is the Electronic Substance the Hindus call "Prana".

This Light is always directed by thought, but it is imperative that all learn to control and direct It consciously. This Conscious Control and Direction is how the Ascended Masters accomplish such Marvelous Results.

Divine Love is a Presence, an Intelligence, a Principle, a Power, an Activity, a Light and a Substance. When we command Divine Love to go forth and do anything, we are setting into motion the Highest Form of Action - the most Powerful Force.

This, however, does not require terrific effort; in fact, it requires just the opposite. It is a calm, steady, determined, conscious knowing. As this becomes a fixed consciousness, an ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY in one's conscious awareness, he will find more and more instantaneous response to his demand and command. Never be afraid to demand and command anything that is a Universal Principle of Life.

Make no mistake! The Light, the Universal Electronic Substance, is for your use - is at your command! Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is a Self-Conscious Being of which your outer consciousness is but a fragmentary part. Therefore you can talk to your Mighty Master within as you would to a loving father who possessed limitless Light, Love, Riches, Power, Health, Happiness, or anything you could desire; for the more you consciously use this Mighty Presence of the "I AM", the quicker will It respond to you.

© 2001 - 2012, Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Deep Trance Now

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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