17 days later

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

17 days of the flu.

I am still not 100%. But better is a good sign.

Next step.. a few hours of consistent sleep. 

That's what I want.. a few solid hours of complete rest and relaxing sleep.

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Joyce Lansky said... 04 March, 2012 16:02

I hope you feel better soon.


mutzii said... 05 March, 2012 21:14

I love your layout! Woah, I'm inggit. :( How much did you pay for it? I'm starting to build my own website, too. By the way, get well soon :)

Jordasche Kingston said... 06 March, 2012 18:19

That poor baby was tired! I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope you can get some rest :)

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