Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Justified and Lyssa the Kid

I missed the 2nd Semester MCC Good Luck blog for Alyssa for start of classes yesterday. Sorry Kiddo. I think that's cause of my cold, and quitting smoking. I feel like a truck hit me. I also gave up soda, so I have no energy.

She's insane this semester. She is taking five classes, still working full time 7-4, and writing for thetwocents.com for Justified on FX starting tonight.

She annoys me a bit with her attitude, however she is almost 21, and reminds me daily that when I was 21 I wasn't as cool as her. I know. It's our big talking point lately.

Rick and I are hanging out, watching Bourne Identity on FX. Three hours til Justified. Can I say NAP TIME? Rick's eyes are closed already. (YAWN)

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