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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

With Adgitize gone, it reminds me how I still love Entrecard.

I don't love Entrecard for page views.

Even when I spend the 10 bucks on impressions, it's not to get more hits.  It's to find wonderful people, ideas, help, suggestions. I don't mind helping support Entrecard now and then. Even with Facebook, Twitter, My Blog Log (wait isn't that gone too) and many other blogger/wordpress advertisers gone, who keeps the NEW people viewing?

Even Facebook's NetworkedBlogs is great, however, I recently saw I followed 145 blogs. How many do I visit through Facebook? My friends that post the links.

I have met more wonderful people here, to begin the journey.  When I add these friends to Facebook, it only strengthens the person to me. Seeing the "Human" behind the writing, and who they are, and what they strive to be.

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Dwayne said... 04 January, 2012 23:16

I stayed away for a long time then decided to reopen my website. It was nice to see a lot of the sites that I read before still here. I also deleted my facebook, I got to add you back if I can find you.

Sandee said... 05 January, 2012 09:33

I love Entrecard too and I've met lots of news folks through Entrecard. I also think I'm a bit addicted.

Have a terrific day. :)

The Wandering Miss said... 05 January, 2012 11:47

Yes you can find interesting and credible blogs in Entrecard.


Bonnie said... 05 January, 2012 11:50

This is the site I ever used when I started my blog in 2008. It was a great way to find other bloggers and blogs. I have met some wonderful people, and I am meeting new bloggers. I really hope Entrecard can work on making the site even better. A lot of people have left over the years, but I still drop by to see how they are doing.

Kimmy said... 05 January, 2012 11:59

I miss some of the bloggers that left too. I miss a lot of the bloggers that are still here, but are taking a hiatus because LIFE sometimes outranks blogging. Entrecard is great for bloggers that take that break and then start up again. It's great to place a drop and see a NEW post!!!

Gina Alfani said... 05 January, 2012 14:24

I miss Adgetize! Hopefully Entrecard will stay around for a long time. I'm one of those crazy bloggers with lots of blogs and most have had both Adgetize and Entrecard . . . lots of clicks . . . and I love every minute of it.

Have a wonderful day :)

Dick Stone said... 05 January, 2012 18:51

I had given up on Entrecard, but when Adgitized closed I thought I would give it another try. Looks like things have improved a bit, and just need to be diligent in dropping cards and advertising

Kimmy said... 05 January, 2012 20:02

I never want Entrecard to be a "chore". There are times in my life that I can dedicate time, and there are times I can't. There was a point that I received private messages with someone MAD at me because I didn't return the "You comment me, I comment you".. I try, because I appreciate comments, but sometimes I cannot. Doesn't mean I don't love ya! Marketing should be fun, in my mind.

chubskulit said... 06 January, 2012 10:34

I like the design of your new page Kim. up, with Adgitize gone, EC will surely pick it's peak soon.

Richie said... 07 January, 2012 15:40

This is the first year that I have used Entrecard. Yours is one of a few blogs that I have become a regular reader of. Thanks for posting about what you care about. :)

Vera said... 08 January, 2012 00:06

I;m trying to get back more on Entrecard too, with Adgitize being gone now. You're right, so many great blogs and beautiful people to be discovered through this network. I just hope the spam is removed though.

reyah said... 30 January, 2012 00:54

entrecard is down this couple of days now, so i am back into the basic....blog commenting.

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