Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is an Elevator kind of Day

While searching for a blog topic, I saw a topic about "See Saw" and it reminded me about a Twitter quote I read last night.

"Elevator kind of Day. "

That was an instant nod for me. Every day from 4:45am to 5:00pm (or a little later) is an elevator day.

I wake up normally with an alarm/snooze going off for an hour. My hubby is a night person.

AND he just earned the 7-3:30 shift. Except now, the hour with the alarm is 4:45am - 5:45am. By the time hubby leaves for work at 6am, let's say my elevator is on the 19th floor, and I am about to jump!!

Get my coffee, and then head up to my office to set MY morning. 

Where I go from there is day to day, hour to hour.  I am a corporate/IT/Staffing/Contract recruiter. Quick fills, long term positions, multiple positions, and drama. It's okay. I love it, but it's up and down all darn day!!

Evening comes and the elevator is stopped on the one floor. HOME! Dinner made, chores done, a family room project unfinished due to issues with the vendor, loud tv and trying to find ways to wind down cramped in one room. 

Sometimes life doesn't have to have a topic.  An elevator "day" is just how you view things. Find ways to enjoy each stop!

Sharing light with Kimmy with help from Heidi Cohen since I had to go to her page here for a blog topic tonight! Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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  1. That's a good phrase. I like it. When I get up feeling miserable I can say, don't worry it's an elevator kind of day - I'm going up