Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Participation in lieu of give and take

I follow a few actors on their Facebook, Twitter.

I am pretty selective in whom I want updates for because my reason for following them isn't just "addiction" to the characters they have played.

Even thought I do not "know" the real person, I get a strange sense of who they are based on their other activities they share. 

Informing the public; sharing poems, writings, or even announcing they will be at a local coffee shop in Los Angeles, or New York.

Makes me wish I didn't live in Chicago, and I could go see true talent while sipping on a Latte.

I follow the blog of one very talented performer, and he talks about fans in detail. In today's age, fans can click one or two buttons, and they are "friends" or "followers". He talked about the days of actual paper fan mail, and how he loves to still get it from time to time. I haven't had the courage yet to write one, because I wouldn't even know what to say.  I lose what is left of my intelligence if I have to actually speak. 

However June 17th, I received birthday wishes from my fav actor, and I was touched. It made me smile. Isn't that what life is, smiles! Feeling good! Work to enjoy every thing you do.

Today, he sent me a message and video of an epic upcoming film that was still in need of funds. Why not I thought? I donated basically the price of a few cups of coffee had I gone to see him at a coffee shop. It wasn't much, in fact, I decided to donate before I found out he was in it.

The fact that he took a moment out of his day, to wish me Happy Birthday, was a sign that life is what it is. People are just people. My neighbor helped me with his big snowblower in our blizzard, and I helped him with his trees that seriously needed root watering this year.

I choose to look at is as participation in life, rather than a give/take agreement. We participate, out of kindness, and that is returned because you are compelled to return the gesture.

I have the post for the donation request on my Facebook and Twitter page.

If you wanted to take a look at the upcoming movie, and donate as little as $1.00, please take a look at the link below.


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  1. Good perspective, it does seem to me as I grow older that people prefer to isolate rather than participate. In a communications class I took it really hit me when my teacher pointed out how we use to have our porches in the front of the house, now they are usually in the back of the house. Thanks for reminding us to participate by sharing your story,
    Love and Light,
    Janet :)