Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angels go on Forever

Lonely soul on a journey of light,
Come rest with us a while this night.

Come learn, come share, come give of you,
As love and light shall pull you through.

Endless days, tomorrow's choice;
Listen to our subtle voice.
We'll hold your gentle loving hand,

And try to help you understand.

 Come sit with us for a little while
Come laugh, come sing, and share a smile

Dear child of God and sweetest thing
Listen carefully; hear Angels sing.

Come forth, come give, and be a part
Let love and light within your heart
let's all join hands and walk together
As One Big Circle; we go on forever.

2007 JF Silent Whispers.

Sharing light with One Big Circle  via Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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