Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where does the weekend go

Not a true Sharing Light post today.. just updating.

It's Sunday night, again. Tomorrow it's back to the work week. Traffic, and a full five day week. Every week should have Monday off. Doesn't the French have 32 hr work weeks?

I have my pillows propped up on the couch, to support my neck from all the swimming I did this weekend. Only five total hours this weekend, but the sun was so strong, best not to push it and get burned early on.

I saw the "Perfect" video by Pink for the first time Saturday night. I bawled. I Tweeted to Pink for thanking her for stealing my life story. No response! Damn it!

Family updates... Alyssa seems to be doing well. She's so much more independent than I was at 20. Sure, I had a family, but I wouldn't be alone. I had Rick and her at 20. She's on the go, working, writing, reviewing.. working out every day.. and still finds time to catch the latest X-Men movie, and then go to a bonfire on Saturday night. Then back up for work on Sunday. (She works Sun-Thursday). At least she is off school for the summer, not that I see her much more than during the year. Thank goodness I have a pool!

Rick. He's so pleased with recently earning the title as a ASE World Class Technician. I know in numbers, it is really an amazing status. Only 1300 in the Nation. However, he was already world class in my book.

I have been okay, very tired lately. Work is getting good and busy, and it seems my phone is always ringing. Anyone who knows me, knows talking on the phone annoys me. I would love to take a vacation, with the family, out of pocket, but it's never been possible. Whether it's the job, or money, or taking time off, just doesn't seem we can ever make it happen. That's the sucky part of living a responsible life...

Then I wonder, if the three of us ever did get the "same" week off, would we even waste the money on the "vacation", or would the week be at home, maybe just vegging at the pool or book store.

I am tired... need to retire by 45. :-) By then, I can hope to be a soccer grandma, but driving the kiddies in the

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