Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manifesting what I want with daily life

As I was swimming in the pool today, thinking about my birthday tomorrow, I came to a realization.

Everything I wanted, I worked hard, and managed to get.

I remember growing up in the city of Chicago, in a small two bedroom, apartment. I never wanted much. A ten speed bike. I got that at 12. I wanted my own room, and I got that at 13 when my parents bought a house.

I wanted a husband, and a family. Check.. I was blessed with a loving husband, and daughter. I wanted a kitten. When Rick and I bought a house, we adopted three.

I wanted to see my favorite childhood band, the Rolling Stones live. In 1994, I was 10th row.

I never had a "need" for my own swimming pool, as there was Norwood Park where I lived as a child all summer long. But a few years after we bought our house, Rick put in a pool for us.

I wanted a Jaguar. It took 10 years, but finally bought a used 1999.

I wanted to work from home, since I was never able to just be a "homemaker", yet now , at age 39, I work out of the house, and travel when I need to conduct interviews, client visits.

I would love to agree with the nay-sayers out there, and say, I must be "lucky", but hell with that!  It's not easy waiting for life just to "happen".  None of those material things mean a thing without family.  People that you can depend on, as well as count on to kick you in the behind when you need it too.  I could have easily financed a Jaguar in 1999.  But I decided to wait.  I just bought a house, and my daughter was only 7 years old.  We had responsibilities, and bills.  How did we know homeowning would be such a money pit!  We got in debt, worked our way out several times.  But we did it together. Both looking together, in the same direction.

Alyssa is our daily happiness. Our nieces and nephews, Brittany, Emily, Adam, and Alex.. They are our smiles and giggles!

I sit back, and still hear from friends that I need to "get out".. no I don't.  When I am "ready" I will, until then, I will do my thing, at home, at work.. at my pace.

My plans for tomorrow? Home, swimming weather permitting, gardening, chores, and yeah.. I work tomorrow too!

What do I still want?

1. See David Gilmour live, even in passing will do.
2. Be able to replace the windows and doors on my house
3. Go on a honeymoon.
4. Travel to London
5. Go on a Lord of the Rings tour in New Zealand.
6. Find Jake's Beach where I went as a kid in Day Camp

LOL.. Now if that list take me twenty years to accomplish, I will still be #winning!

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