Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'd Rather be Raptured

I mean, I would rather be sleeping.

It was a long week. Busy as we all are, my hubby told me earlier in the week that we had dinner plans with family on Saturday night. I was so looking forward to sleeping, and not getting dressed on Saturday.

I often wonder why his plans are never on a Sunday, during his Xbox all day gaming sessions.

It's not that big of a deal to go for dinner, love the family, I am just tired. Hubby uses "tired" all the time when he wants to get out of some obligation...but I seem to have to much guilt to try that "out"..


It's a perfect day outside for sleeping. Grey, raining, and quiet..

Perhaps I can get a small nap in while he is showering..

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  1. I just found out dinner means we have to leave at noon. I rolled my eyes, and now I am the "bad" one, as usual. I am not getting it. Lack of communication seems to be my pet peeve, not the actual task. I prepare better knowing the facts. My frustration is not the act, but the holding back important information. Why does family get togethers have to have a time clock? And the bigger question, why is hubby more concerned about being on time for dinner, than he is about being on time for work?