Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prone to Criticize

Why is it that we are prone to criticize?

It seems it is the 'difference between others' that brings on criticism.

The things that we are so finely tuned into will cause noticing of a difference in others.

Think about this...

If one is a musician with a finely tuned ear will find it very hard to listen to music that is played poorly.

A person with a finely tuned ear for music and he can tell if one note is missed.

If one is a good cook their taste will be finely tuned to their opinion of 'good' taste and foods that do not reach that standard might not be pleasant for them.

A teacher of English and Literature might find it difficult to read my blog posts.

A neat and organized person might find it difficult to someone who was not.

A fast walker might find it difficult to walk with one who is not.

A fast talker might find it difficult to listen to a slow talker.

It is the 'difference' that seems to matter.

Do we really want a world where everyone is alike? Which side of the fence are we viewing people in our lives? Does prejudice of being different play a part in the way we view things?

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.


  1. differences are make the world go around..but your right we can be critical..and we all do it to some made me think thank you..:)

  2. Undoubtedly you have hit the nail upon the head, once again....

    Those who exhibit a very strong interest in anything will soon gain the mastery over it. A master of anything will readily and easily spot, that which others cannot. And that which is truly egregious, cannot be honestly ignored. Thus, the result is essentially inevitable.

    It's not, that they consciously choose to be critical - but rather, it is their subconscious that ultimately refuses to remain silent.

  3. You are right of course. Perhaps awareness of differences and that those differences is something we should be teaching our kids.

  4. I am guilty of this same criticism, or lack of will power to bite my tongue, exactly! This post is just as much for me, as writing it to share with others.

  5. I'll say that being critical is part of being human--free mind and personal choices are already in our package as a being. I guess the true challenge lies in developing a better sense of understanding and tolerance. In my opinion, we will always have our own "standards" of things but we should know that others are having their own too.

  6. Criticisms is the force that is moving us upwards or downwards. It is a strong force that can make awesome positive changes or can destroy perseverance. It is one thing that separate us from animals, but can also bring us to the levels of the fungi.
    In this chaotic world, we don't blame the critics, we blame soft hearts hearts and weak minds.

  7. I love this post. I could actually cry over it right now for some reasons... Thank you for posting it... It's very helpful!

  8. I love the idea that someone who studies "literature" might have trouble reading your blog. I like the style that is not conventional and the thought process that is also unconventional.