Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Enlarge the size of your heart and keep ignoring

For a Better World... Guest post by Sagar Sonker

People who are jealous, envious, not talk properly, egoistic, impostors, gossipers, behave differently in public, boast, brag, try to show-off their skills, are actually burdened, as they carry all these behavioral patterns in their mind, and their life is wasted in such things only. So, you don't have to get irritated.

You have to enlarge the size of your heart i.e. mind and make sure your behavior is not being affected by theirs. They will continue to be like this till their last breath and enjoy being like that, but what about you? Do you want to keep looking and caring for their attitude or do you want to improve yourself, play your role to the best of your ability and move ahead in life? Choice is yours.

Energy flows wherever attention goes, so even if in the mind you have irritation, you are actually sending them energy and empowering them to behave even more weird. So, just Ignore! That is how they are supposed to be. That is how they are asked by the World Drama to be.

Again, ignoring them does not mean dominate/denigrate or lower their value. They are valuable at their place. Ignoring means just letting them be the way they are, and not disturbing yourself and not getting influenced by their face, expressions, words, energy, vibrations. If someone behaves weird, do you really get thorns pricked to your cheeks? If someone doesn't smile at you or doesn't reply to your messages, do you really have stones thrown at you? Not really. How does it matter? Why should it matter? Others have their own set of thinking patterns, complications, mindsets, and most importantly, the freedom to behave in any way.

Remember, the ones who resolve your karmic debts actually create ones for themselves. Isn't this a favor on you? For example, if someone just comes and slaps you or irritates you... Now, if you remain stable, 'your' old/past karmic account is resolved, however, do you realize that they have just created one for themselves, which they will have to repay soon (as the Kalyug is coming to an end and we all have to go back to the Supreme Abode with zero karmic debts)? They are in fact, doing a huge favor on you.

Do you really have a choice other than ignoring them? You can get angry, infuriated and reactive, but do you really want to do this with such weak people? Do you really want to do this in front of people who lack the amount of understanding that you have? Do you want to dominate the people who do not have Shiv Baba's knowledge and who are less peaceful, less happy, less powerful than you? Not really! So, simply enlarge your heart. Tell yourself, it's okay... My self esteem does not diminish because of them. My confidence and my ability to create and present my talent is not dependent on them. They cannot (and CANNOT) steal my fruits of life or my value.

My self esteem lies in the fact that I am an ancestral soul, who has been instrumental in transforming this world into Golden Age. Who can be greater than Shiv Baba and me in the true sense of the term? They are probably just bragging about very materialistic and perishable things, and I here, despite having the crown of Golden Age, and despite knowing that I am going to be the richest in the world, have my own castle, and 100% peace and happiness very soon, I do not have ego or I do not boast about it. So, who is truly greater? Who has lived on this earth for the maximum period? Even if for now I am seeing unpleasant situations around, this is just 1/4th of the Drama, and they probably exist only during this 1/4th. I have been here for the rest of the peaceful 3/4th part of the Drama too. Whom does all the imperishable dynasty, wealth really belong to? Who is given inheritance of the seven virtues by Shiv Baba? Answer many more such questions to yourself, and you will be fine.

When Shiv Baba says, in any situation, sit in your seat of self esteem, this is exactly what it means. Remember all about your original self and your kingdom, which is actually going to be your future very soon.

Thank you Sagar for your permission to share your wonderful thoughts and words with us. I hope people will find your website as inspiring as I do. Please visit Sagar here at

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post. You put everything so pictorially. No I see clearly why I should accept my offenders as my blessings. That as comforts as challenges and motivates the spread of the message - edits my response to the situations I am facing on my road. Thank you

  2. This is a post I needed to read today. I was frustrated last night and even spoke to my husband about how we that run photo blogs are somehow looked down on by the -self seemed elite who are writers-not all but quite a few do see us photo and/or blogs as a complete waste of time.

    I was even thinking of posting about it. We are definitely frowned upon in almost every forum yet we also always seem to remain as some of the most popular blogs that people want to advertise on.

    This is me letting their ego disturb my thinking and positive flow. I see that now and now shall let it go!

    Great share...thank you!

  3. I also needed to read this like Jackie, As hard as I try to no let others rent space in my head somedays, they still do, but this is written so beautifully that it helps me to remember they are where they need to be and I cannot change who and what they are, so I should use that space in my head to focus on my own personal growth and what I value in life. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to check out the website for more inspiration and hopefully share it on my blog!
    Keep sharing the light and love Kimmy!
    Janet :)

  4. Wow! This was an eye opener. Glad you put this up here!

  5. Thank you so much Kimmy for dropping by with your wonderful words of encouragement.

    I am in a pickle now though. I entered a writing contest and I won.

    The lady that runs the blog has become a dear friend and of course I had to post about winning.

    My story sounds as if I am about to jump off of a cliff at any moment.

    But, no one is reading the prompt words we were given to write by. They were very sad and difficult words to write with.

    We had: Lonely, Grandmother's, lamenting, should,posts and moment.

    Granted yes I was having an off day when I wrote it-I will admit that. But, the prompt words also generated some of what I wrote.

    Oh me oh my, perhaps I should just stick to taking photos. I seem to have depressed half the internet this morning with my post.

    I hope you had a good day. I had a wonderful day yesterday out traveling the back roads with my camera.