Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never wanted a shadow

I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better. ~Plutarch

Being a hermit has it's advantages, and I mean that!  Having online connections, of like minded people has forced me to look within, and question and grow. 

Since I have abandoned almost everyone except for family, I have found that the rat race of life still happens out there. 

I just don't have to be apart of it. 

I changed only what I wanted in my circle.

I learned some interesting divorce news about an old friend.  I think our mutual friend told me just to see my reaction. Maybe she was looking for a big bashing post!! 

I guess this old friend went through all sorts of explaining and asking others not to tell me, so I wouldn't find out.  Turns out all of it was a waste of her time.  Guess what? It simply doesn't concern me. 

That's the thought of my growing as a human being.  I have just enough time to work, come home, be a wife, a mom, an auntie, and a sister. I have websites, music, work colleagues, online friends to share and grow with.

I cannot take care of my life, my house, my job, my bills, my family with seeking out others problems.  Guilty as I was in the past, I am just too old and tired.  There are plenty of people that I have met on blogs, boards, Twitter, Facebook, that are extremely like minded, but not to the point of agreeing just to agree.

Find friends that challenge you, make you a better person.  Don't ever allow someone to make you feel inferior. Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets.

Sorry to let the drama llamas down.  If you would like, I can post a Glee video, that you can think it is about you? I hope that helps.

No, not the Rocky Horror Picture Show, sorry, couldn't find it.

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.


  1. Kim this is such an inspirational post for me. I too have to let go of the drama that I use to chose to live in. And my ex friend needs to also. She was stalking my blog for so long I finally busted her and told her to f off!! It was like she was waiting for me to post something about her and then go around and play victim about it!! It sounds like this person is very self centered, like my ex friend, to go to all that trouble to make sure you did not find out, and for what?? Her self centered personality must of been telling her that you still cared so much about what was going on with her, Good for you to prove her wrong LOL! Your growth as a human being is inspirational as well. Thanks for sharing the glee video too, love it!
    Love and Light,
    Janet :)

  2. Thanks Janet.

    For me, I know I had to let go, what didn't concern me. It was my own BS, that brought me down, no one else.

    I compared my busy life to others, and was too much jealously that it consumed me.

    I was guilty for seeking out information in the past, and finding a way to "judge" it.

    I meant what I said, I got too old, too tired, and just could not continue my own drama. It is not easy to stay positive in such a chaotic world. Why add some one else's issues?

    I didn't appreciate and show gratitude for what I had. That is what changed in me. We can only focus on our life, our backyard, our family.

  3. Oh boy, this really hits me right at home too. My best friend just went through a divorce, after 38 years, she just left, moved, and re-married.

    I allowed myself to get bogged down with all of this. Mostly because I felt she abandoned me too. I am still working on letting it go and just trying to be happy for her. As you stated in your reply to Janet, it is, my own problem that needed clearing up.

    I let so much negativity creep into me through the entire last year that I nearly drove myself nuts. I quit just about everything and oh brother my exit from my blog was truly post written while I was stuck deep down in anger and negative feelings.

    Thank goodness I have finally turned away from the darkness and am back striving for the light.

    I am slowly making my way back into blogging. I have some ideas for blogging in 2011 but nothing written in stone yet.

    I have missed you bunches and apologize for being away such a long time. I almost completely wasted an entire life of my year.

    Thanks again for sharing and please know I have thought of you often!!


  4. Jackie, I have missed you too!

    I cut back on blogging, and only blog now, when I need to. I never wanted my website to become a chore.

    I was talking to another friend last night, and it boils down to what we allow in our lives.

    People in this world seem to think that we have to follow a "protocol" when it comes to how we behave. I think that's crazy! Every situation, is a choice on 1. Does it affect us? 2. Do we need to do or say anything?

    My delivery on my blog, is different than my delivery in real life. However I strive to be Kimmy Sharing Light. That doesn't mean I am always successful! And I don't care. I am human, I make mistakes, and I have friends around me that will point it out to me! That's the bonus!

    When it comes to friends, not everyone wants to live in the light. And most of the people that are drawn to me, are looking for the easy answer, and not the hard truth. Your friend, divorced, and already remarried, and moved on. She might have come to you for advice, but surely she had it in her own mind to do what she is going to do.

    I wasn't there for my friend, because we are estranged. But she found another mutual friend, and got the same lawyer she used for her divorce. Good for her. Sometimes, it's okay to walk away from drama like that. I had nothing to offer anyway.

    I stand my ground on the drama. I am tired. I need to continue in 2011 to be there for my family. The rest will work out, as I allow into my life, good and positive people!

    Miss you Jackie! Let me know your link, next plan when you decide!

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  6. "Drama llamas" - that is exquisite. Thank you. <3