Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week ending Responsibility

It has been a long week, with my family and myself under the weather. We stayed strong, didn't miss work, and most of all, took care of our responsibilities.

Whether it is work, school, volunteer work, a commitment is important to take seriously.

Our society lets us blame "dis-eases" and "gene pool factors" for our failures, however excuses are only excuses. Responsibility will always be better to help the next generation.

Now it is the weekend, the sun is shining, and it is our time as a family to bond, and spend time together.

Update on Alyssa.  Besides working full time, school three nights a week, and softball, she has started writing for The Two  Right now, she is the reviewer for Sons on Anarchy, an awesome show on Tuesdays on FX.  She is hoping to pick up a few more shows in January/February 2011. 

You can find her first two articles here.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend with their loved ones.

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.

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