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Taken from Rays of the Dawn - Selfishness

Selfishness is the opposite of generosity. It is an offspring of greed and originates in the self-preservation instinct. Selfish people are concerned solely with their own needs, wants, and desires.

In the last analysis, selfishness means that a person is living for him or herself alone, unconcerned as to the welfare of others, disinterested in any organization -- be it local, state or national.

We are all in love with ourselves to a certain extent. No one wants to change places with anyone else without being assured of personal gratifications.

We are all necessarily self-centered. We tend to concentrate on those things that concern us personally and those things that we customarily identify with our real selves.

Yet, if all people were selfish, society would be chaos. Fortunately, many people have evolved far enough to have eliminated this undesirable trait.

Were this not true, governments, organizations, and social gatherings would be impeded by the selfish.

In this world we should recognize that we are on equal footing with our associates.

If we should gain the desirable things of life such as wealth, prestige, or fame, we should realize that we acquired them either by chance or by the operation of Natural Law.

We should entertain no selfish desire to take away what someone else has rightfully earned.

Many people, due to the operation of Natural Law, acquire riches.

Others live in comparative poverty.

Those who live in poverty and who do not understand the operation of the Law will be inclined by comparing their own plight and other, to become selfish to the extent of criticizing, even hating, those more fortunate.

Some individuals have an abundance of the good things of life -- more, in fact, than they need. Instead of sharing their excess worldly goods among those less fortunate, they are guilty of ignoring the apparent need of others. Here, again, is an expression of selfishness. If these individuals understood the Natural Law involved, they would comprehend Jesus' teaching, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

Many an overambitious person who has used selfishness and greed to amass wealth has sought to relieve self-condemnation by engaging in a program of charity and social welfare.

Although there is a certain amount of pride and self-satisfaction involved in such philanthropy, still such activities tend to sublimate the baser emotions of greed and selfishness. Even in our homes, where selfishness should find no refuge, many an individual will shower loved ones with gifts on certain occasions to ease the giver's conscience about his or her habitual selfishness.

One of the most difficult lessons we have to learn in life is that we are ONE with all people. Since we are individuals, we are so absorbed in thinking of self that we tend to ignore the Only through such an understanding can we bring help to our friends and neighbors -- who are ONE with us in spirit and in essence.

Rays of the Dawn Thurman Fleet Chapter 7 Page 47

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