Monday, August 23, 2010

The YEAR of Alyssa

As my post hits the online waves, my daughter is starting her 2nd year at McHenry County College in her Speech class.  She decided to only take nine credit hours this semester, as she is now working full time for an IT company.

This is truly her year.

It is not just about her working and in school.  It is about trials and tribulations in her life that she had to accept responsibility for, forgive herself, and move on to the next phase.

As a parent, you cannot find excuses for "why".  Because why simply does not matter.

What poor decisions did she make last year?  What could she have done differently?  Is the mistake fixable?

And most importantly, she needed to make the decision what to do going forward.

Now, school starting again, and Alyssa has been studying for her A+ certifications. Alyssa filled in again at the same company this summer, and this time they hired her full time, since she is taking night classes instead. Alyssa chose to take night classes, not mom and dad.  And the choice paid off.

We wish our daughter a great year of learning, growing into a fine young woman. We know she will struggle at times, as we all do. Having an open relationship, as well as room to fail, and learn and grow will aid her in molding her adult life.

Love, Mom and Dad

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  1. You both should be so proud, I wish her the best. Janet :)