Monday, July 5, 2010

Days of the Archangels

Days of the Archangels to ask for prayer and light! 

Find your angel!  Click here!

Invite the angels into your life.

The Angels are all around us. 

We can ask these beautiful beings of light to help and guide us whenever we are in need.  

See the transformations and blessings, these Celestial beings bring to you.

An Archangel rules each day of the week:
  • The Archangel Michael rules Sunday
  • The Archangel Gabriel rules Monday
  • The Archangel Samuel rules Tuesday
  • The Archangel Raphael rules Wednesday
  • The Archangel Sachiel rules Thursday
  • The Archangel Anael rules Friday
  • The Archangel Cassiel rules Saturday
Blessed be to all! Namaste.

Sharing light with Kimmy. Striving to create a path between the present course of events and a new course; leading to new outcomes.


  1. Hi kimmy thanks for your post,but sorry to tell you I have wrongly deleted the comments,I mean I don,t know what happened,actually I receive the comment moderation mail,publish it but can,t see it in my blog.If you can then please re-comment.have a nice day.By the way you big friend list in your blog sidebar,I wish to be there.have a nice day.

  2. I save the "Visit my Friends" bar on the side for other women and men that have inspirational blogs. I am all about posting comments though, even if I don't remember posting a comment on your "Free Money Maker" site! Namaste!

  3. I Don't know where you got your angel theory... what part of the bible is that in?

  4. Some times Francis, life can be about entertainment, and not so black and white. Perhaps you are the type that will not allow your children to watch of read Harry Potter, because you think it is the work of magic and the devil. As a SAVED Christian myself, I know how to draw a line with my bible studies, and "for entertainment purposes." When I did click your name in the comment, I did see,

    Francis R. Barbour

    * Age: 45
    * Gender: Male
    * Astrological Sign: Aries
    * Zodiac Year: Snake

    Are you a believer in horoscopes? Or is that just fun?

    God Bless.