Thursday, May 6, 2010

What birth order says about you

Are you the firstborn? An only child? The middle child? The baby of the family?

First Borns
Positives: They are natural leaders. They represent United States presidents, astronauts, and CEOs by overwhelming numbers. They frequently live with a sense of entitlement and even superiority. They often come in two flavors: compliant nurturers/ caregivers or aggressive movers and shakers. Both are in control; they just use different methods. As a rule, first-borns are picky, precise people- they love paying attention to details-and they tend to be punctual, organized, and competent. They want to see things done right the first time. They don't like surprises.
Negatives: They are often moody and occasionally lack sensitivity. They can be intimidating, particularly by pushing people too hard or refusing to take no for an answer. Sometimes, they can be a bit of a "know-it-all," and often are poor delegators, in large part because they don't trust other people as much as they trust themselves. They also tend to be bossy, flaw pickers, and conscientious to a fault.

Positives: You're probably one of the world's cheerleaders. You have strong people skills and love to entertain and talk to others. You're the type of person who never met a stranger; you can immediately make others feel at home. You're an extrovert, energized by the presence of other people, and you're probably not afraid to take a risk now and then.
Negatives: They tend to get bored rather quickly. They have a strong fear of rejection and a short attention span. When the fun stops, they want to check out. They're somewhat self-centered. They may doom more relationships due to their unrealistic expectations of finding a relationship that is always marked by fun-and of course, such relationships simply don't exist for long.

Positives: The classic middle-born is very relational, tends to be a people-pleaser and usually hates confrontation. Their basic need is to keep the oceans of life smooth, and their motto might be 'Peace at any price.' They are usually very calm, will roll with the punches, and are amiable, down-to-earth, and great listeners. They are skilled at seeing both sides of a problem and eager to make everybodyhappy. That makes them good mediators and negotiators.
Negatives: They tend to be less driven than first-borns, but are much more desirous of having everybody like them-or at least happy with them. They have a difficult time setting boundaries. They can drift into becoming 'co-dependents' as they try to please everybody. They are not good at making decisions that will offend others. They also tend to blame themselves when others fail.

Famous Examples of middle-born:
David Letterman
Princess Diana
Richard Nixon and George Bush Sr. - both skilled in foreign affairs and diplomacy
Donald Trump - skilled entrepreneur and flamboyant real-estate wheeler-dealer

Positives: Only-borns are the mega-movers of the world. They are task-oriented; tend to be extremely well organized, very conscientious, and ultimately dependable. They love facts, ideas, and details, and feel extremely comfortable with responsibility.
Negatives: Only born negatives can be tough to handle, martially speaking. They are often unforgiving, very demanding, hate to admit they're wrong, and usually don't accept criticism well. To others, they seem very sensitive and indeed their feelings are easily hurt.

Famous Examples of only children:
Tiger Woods
Alan Greenspan
Jack Welch
Gerald Ford
Franklin D. Roosevelt, only man to be elected four times
Ted Koppel, premier journalist
David Copperfield, magician extraordinaire
Roger Staubach and Joe Montana, legendary quarterbacks
Leonardo da Vinci
Isaac Newton
Barack Obama - functional only child because he has a half-sister. However his only-child personality was already formed by age 9 when she came into his life

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  1. I'm an only born and this is quite freaky, because it's just so true, not too sure about the negatives though, but the positives are spot on ;)

  2. I have two daughters and the first born/last born with all their positives and negatives are so spot on for them it is mind-boggling! Now, I have an older brother, but I think when the children are different genders, it skews the results. I see myself in some of the positives and negatives of all the categories.