Monday, July 20, 2009

The light in your eyes

"If nobody pushed or pulled us, we would be perfect circles instead of stars"~Susan Obrant

I was told years ago, during a dark time in my life, that I should never lose the light in my eyes.

And then she sang to me.

"Life can take your dreams and turn them upside down

Friends will talk about you when you're not around

Reality can really cut you down to size

But don't ever lose that light in your eyes

Don't ever lose that light in your eyes.

People make you promises they'll never keep

Soon you'll know why people say talk is cheap

And life resembles one big compromise

But don't ever lose that light in your eyes

Keep on shining, Keep on smiling

Don't lose faith and don't lose heart

When you're crying

Just keep trying to remind yourself

You're a shining star, Yes you are."

To my friend and angel Deidre, even it has been almost 10 years, your light has always found a way to reach me even on my darkest days.

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