Thursday, May 7, 2009


Taken from Crystal Lake South High School Paper

What should people do if they cannot even feel safe enough to look at their own phone? Students now feel comfortable enough with themselves that they feel it necessary to take photos of themselves and give it to a boyfriend as a way of showing affection. People need to understand that this is not only disgusting, but it is a risk to your character, to your reputation and also to the rest of your life. This new craze which has the law taken aback is called “Sexting.”

What is sexting? It is something that has just been brought out into the public as one of the newest crazes within the teenage setting. People these days are willing to trust all of their identification as well as other parts of their lives, so now they feel like they can live their entire life, including their sexuality, over their cell phones.

When interviewing a junior, they stated “I feel so comfortable with my phone I have every number, every date and almost every moment of my life planned out on my phone, why not have every aspect of my life be on my phone. What are long distance couples supposed to do, drive out and see each other every night? It would be impossible, plus, using sexting could even be safer, even less of a chance of pregnancy.” Even with understanding the fact that people are comfortable with their cell phones doesn’t excuse the behavior.

What is the point of this sexting if what might happen in return could be even worse? If at some point these couples break up, they might spread these photos around the schools, they might end worse off than when they started. The photos are at risk to be spread anywhere. The pictures aren’t something that can be taken back after they are sent. These photos are going to hurt a person’s reputation by taking them, but having others see might be even worse.

People may believe that felonies only occur when there is a physical contact with another human being. Now not only is it a felony for that, you can be charged with a felony for posting these photos of yourself. In a recent court case, a fourteen year old girl posted photos of herself on MySpace for her boyfriend. She is now being charged with jail time as well as at least twenty years on the sex offender list.

Another new problem that has been arising is the “art” of photo bombing which can be as simple as just jumping in the background of someone’s picture that is being taken, or to another extreme where people are going in and editing other people’s photos. Sometimes these cases are pushed even to the sexting extreme.

People need to be more aware of what they are doing to themselves as well as the people around them. Students shouldn’t have to deal with the backfire of a stupid decision that can be completely avoided.

Think before you text.
Alyssa Garcia Crystal Lake South Senior

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