Monday, May 18, 2009

Blue Mirror on the Wall

Guest Post by Susan Murphy Milano

The saying "Blue Defends Blue" or "Brotherhood of the Badge" is a concern for all women in relationships where their husband or boyfriend is a law enforcement officer.

In most cases there is a clear reluctance on the part of responding officers to arrest a fellow officer.

An example of how police look away when it is one of their own is Kathleen Savio.

Prior to the discovery of her lifeless body in the bath tub of the marital home she and Drew Peterson shared, Bolingbrook police never once arrested their Sergeant when Kathleen called for help.

So it was no surprise when the coroner's inquest which by the way carries no weight in a criminal court of law was used as the sole "excuse" the Illinois State Police decided to close the case on Kathleen Savio.

Politics also played a key role in looking the other way. Had the then former State's Attorney Tomczak not been friends with Drew Peterson it is likely he would have faced criminal charges.

(Jeff Tomczak's private practice link here)

Those married to abusers in law enforcement face the same obstacles as my own mother twenty years ago. Not much has changed as I recently learned while in Will County assisting 2 police officers wive's whose life mirror's that of Kathleen Savio. Police refusing to take a police report against their officer abuser's or taking her to the hospital for medical attention as the blood drips down her face. Employee's within the Will County State's Attorney's office being fed fear if they contact me on a case directly or refer officers wives in my direction.

Politics continue to play a major role into officer involved abuse cases. If Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow takes a step back , he will recall I never compromise an investigation or a victim's life.

It is when employees without your knowledge fail the victims. That is when I arrive, treating the process and your office with respect, only to be knocked down upon walking in the court house doors.

Sharing Light with my friend Susan Murphy Milano. Please visit Susan's blog here!

I enjoy Susan's energy, passion, and love for others.

Kimmy ~ Creating a path between the present course of events and a new course, leading to new outcomes.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Kimmy and Susan,
    I am glad you posted about this. I have been outraged at what this man has been able to get away with and his continued arrogance that he is above the law. I will post a link to your blog Susan. They have found some remains and although it would be soo sad if it was Stacy, I would also feel justice has come for her at last.
    thanks again for writing about this important issues.
    Love and Light,