Monday, April 27, 2009

Uncertainty can be a good thing

Uncertainty can be a good thing.

Not knowing is the doorway to knowing.

When we stand in that portal it is the beginning of humility.

The deeper our uncertainty goes the greater the lesson that is emerging.

Are you questioning everything in your life?

Then your life is coming together.

Are you pretending to know, burying your uncertainty?

Then your life is falling apart.

It is a form of the Sufi idea of joy in disappointment, knowing that the divine
truth is always being revealed, that any loss takes away from the illusion and
leads deeper into the essence of the true universe.

Naturally, my uncertainty makes me reject this truth quite often. That is the
very nature of denial, the lack of humility. The bear does not yield his prey to
the wolves gracefully.

But I am not a bear or a wolf. I am another window into the dance of life.

In the moment of the divine flow flooding my gratitude I can truly say thank you
for everything.

In the deepest not knowing, that total humility, is knowing.

Copyright © 2004 by John MacEnulty
12/1/2004, St. Louis, MO

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