Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I accept responsibility

Have you ever stepped out of character and did something downright mean? I did. I had been going back and forth with someone, and decided to cross the line. I said somethings I regret. Most of all, I made it seem that I was taking sides, when I didn't even do what I claimed to do.

Part of growing up is taking responsibility for my actions, even when the other person does not accept apologies, or any room for human anger.

I talked to a collegue of mine about a separate issue today, and he reminded me of how he has made a decision of keeping all negative karma out of his life. I felt bad, because at times, I create my own negative karma.

I accept responsibility for judging others, and I will maintain control when I feel the need to judge.

Kimmy ~ Creating a path between the present course of events and a new course, leading to new outcomes.


  1. Don't regret it :) I'm just now meeting you but I'm extremely proud of what you're saying here. Accepting your mistakes and faults is SO important in helping yourself, and others. I say don't regret it because that experience allowed you to look within' and question yourself, propelling you forward in your own self discovery and transformation. This simple mistake allowed you to make realizations and now you'll probably never make it again, and even if you do, you're in a better position of understanding and compassion for others. And that's something I wouldn't be sorry for :)

    Congratulations. Life is just one big, giant lesson. I'm thrilled to meet others willing to take the steps to help themselves and in-turn others. Accepting your wrongs is one of the most unselfish things we can do. :) Keep it up!

    Take Care, Talk to you soon.


  2. Nobody is 100% perfect so we have our good side and our bad one, however it's all about the percentage they share.

    Anyway it's important that we deal with our mistkaes and learn from them!

  3. I still do mean things lol, and most of them are intentionally. But they usually have a purpose behind them. I have learned to not regret anything, just learn from them. Sometimes things are better left not said or remembered. "He who increases knowledge, increases sorrow" The Bible.

  4. Dont feel the need to control it, it is a gift to be able to tell people!

    Overall great post

  5. I just happen to be passing by when I read your post. Very nice post! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Kimmy,
    I just had a similar experience. I realized that I was feeling passoniate about an issue and that is what stirred the anger in me. I am glad you shared this because now I know even though I am grown up I am not alone in being reminded that I still need to grow
    Love and Light