Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clarity is always an option

Clarity is always an option. We can come to understanding.

It is basically a matter of going into the silence where everything resolves.

The mind comes to understanding if given the freedom and the time.

Sometimes understanding is simply having the willingness and patience to wait for a process to complete itself.

By stopping the conscious effort to understand, letting go of everything, we release the natural energy of the psyche, the soul, the divine guide within.

Clarity can be the willingness to let go of ideas and concepts that we have allowed to block our vision.

The cloud dissipates and we can see.

I can come to inner calm and peace without resolving the question. The events of the world will reveal, in their time, the answers.

My need to know prematurely is a source of confusion.

Clarity and patience are often bound in the same strand of comprehension.

Doing not doing, knowing not knowing, these are actually states of awareness, the humility to wait for what will be.

Resolution often has more to do with letting go of anxiety than with the actual solution of a problem.

Copyright © 2004 by John MacEnulty
12/7/2004, St. Louis, MO

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