Thursday, March 26, 2009

Questions to ponder

"A man never gets to this station in life without being  helped, aided, shoved, pushed and prodded to do better.  I  want to be honest with you: The players I played with and the coaches I had, they are directly responsible for my being here.  I want you all to remember that.  I always will." -Johnny Unitas, Professional football player during his Hall of Fame induction speech .

Questions to Ponder: Who are the people responsible helping be who I am today? In what ways have they helped me? Who can I help in similarly important ways

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  1. I agree with what Johnny Inotas said even if I'm not a football fan myself however what he said is still very valid for our life in general.

    p.s. can we count BlackBerry from T-Mobile as an answer, Kimmy :P