Monday, January 12, 2009

Emerge Positive Qualities

When we make a mistake we usually realize the need to remove that weakness but our identification with that particular weakness is so much that we are not able to overcome it.

Instead of reminding ourselves again and again about our weaknesses we need to remind ourselves of our positive qualities.

The more we do that we will slowly be able to emerge these qualities and work with them and slowly we'll be able to overcome our weaknesses.


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  1. Even a glimpse at your post heals my soul. Thank you.
    Our failures helps us to recognize and appreciate the timeless values.
    Welcome to my blogs
    I hope you too will enjoy the pictures there. All my artworks (as well as these blogs) came into being as if out of what looks as physically impossible. Yet I forget all complaints for my sad destiny of the impotent disabled there and thus spread forth not my tears but the hearty welcome.