Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hints to Self on Fellowship

While on your eye-opening journey, you cannot imitate the conventional lives of other people. You might have to make some changes, and particularly some sacrifices, if you are to follow a path whose goal is different from the norm.

Find some time for meditation and study, some time when you can fully and truly be yourself. This requires, however short, a daily period of solitude.

Here is the most important piece to understand. You have to be careful of what company you keep so you will not be constantly responding to their auras, either in struggle or in defense.


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  1. Hi Kimmy,
    This is so true, I it is important to take a little time each day to reconnect to the light I feel. I have posted some awards for you on my blog, If I have already told you, then forgive me, I lose track of who I have told. Congradulations on your compassionate blogger award. I was buy their site and signed up to be one.
    Take Care,
    Janet :}