Saturday, December 6, 2008

Listen for the voice that speaks with heart

How important is the tone of voice, no matter what position we hold in life. The voice of authority, the demanding, commanding and authoritative voice has little lasting effect upon its audience. But the voice of kindness, the cheerful and friendly voice creates receptivity that few can resist.

The voice on the telephone creates a picture for the listener. With the business of the world being run to a very great extent by telephone, it is of the utmost importance what sort of picture that should be. No matter how sharp, strong, hard, flat, weak or soft, that voice creates an impression. If only we could have our voices played back, we would hear ourselves in one of those categories.

Even animals and children respond to voices as they truly are. All the actions in the world speak loudly, but the voice of love, the voice of friendship, and the voice of encouragement are the sweetest of all sounds.

The truly sincere quality in the voice is from the nature within, springing from concern for those about us, the divine love, the deep feeling for all life. unknown


  1. Hi,
    Just drop by to say hello!

  2. Hi Kimmy,
    I love the post and more important, the gentle tone of your voice is conveyed through the fiber optics.

    Thank you. :D

  3. Kimmy oh my you have such a special way. This post makes me imagine how you sound and it is definitely a tender soft and very sweet voice.

    My tone is harsh sometimes but my heart is full of joy and love for everyone and everything....even those who would call themselves my enemies.

    For to me to love your friends is easy. To love those who would hate you or wish you harm truly brings joy to your heart.


  4. How true. Words of course have meaning but the energy we put behind the words, conveyed by our tone of voice adds another whole level of meaning.

    Imagine what would happen to the world if just for one day everyone only spoke words of love!

    Thanks for sharing your light Kimmy!