Monday, November 24, 2008

Wind Beneath my Sails

Once in a lifetime you meet that
certain someone who will leave
an everlasting impression with you

Someone who is always there to
sooth your heart when the days
seem so trying as it may

Dropping moments in their life
to lend a helping hand to help
heal a heavy heart

Sharing moments of joy, tears,
and laughter, expressing the
inner most private moments of
each other's life

Walking on air should I have asked
even though it is impossible you
always made me feel like you would

Growing up with you was the
happiest years of my life
Sharing all the moments with each
others trust and bond that carried
us through our adult years

I want to thank you for always being
there for me, always knowing the
gifted words of wisdom that carried
me through many a storm

You walked by my side without
any words to be spoken, you
carried me when I fell

Brought me through valleys of despair
Looking back, I will always be eternally
grateful for all you are to me as you
are the wind beneath my sails

Bonnie Collins

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kimmy,
    This poem brought tears to my eyes, as today I am missing my father on his birthday. It describes how I feel looking back on the years we had together. How I treasure them know more than ever. I felt like giving out an award yesterday, so I have one for you on my blog. I had an angel reading last year and it was the most incredible experience, I could feel and see a white energy all around me. I felt their presence. My reader said I had alot of light around me as well. Your such a beautiful light in this world. Keep sharing it.
    Janet :)