Sunday, November 2, 2008

Stillness for clear reception

Emotional turbulence disrupts inner reception - like static in radio reception. The calmer the emotions, the more detail with which you can receive inner communications.

When the emotions achieve tremendous calm, then they become like a glassy lake, or a smooth mirror or window - thus allowing the passage of information with minimal distortion.

The stiller you are emotionally, the clearer you can inwardly "perceive". -unknown


  1. nice piece of quote, thanks for sharing

  2. Nice quote, this is true in so many ways. If all decisions were made out of calmness instead of from anger, things would be so much better.

  3. Beautiful Kimmy,
    I will be glad when my real life schedule slows a bit so I can take some time to be still!!


  4. perfect qupte..I like that and thankyou for the link..:))

  5. This is a nice quot that I agree with because your spirit in this case became more lighter.