Friday, October 31, 2008

Who is the real Kimmy?

So who is Kimmy? And why do I share the light? Am I real? Can I really be this way all of the time?

Kimmy is a full time IT Recruiter
Kimmy is a full time mom of a 17 year old daughter, trying to balance full time IT Recruiter. Still have to do all the mom things, and household chores!
Best friend and wife of my husband Rick for 18 years.

I am only 36!

Spreading light seems to be the only way I can truly survive. Life can drag us down at anytime. I myself became frustrated of trying to balance all that I wanted to accomplish! I noticed that the more I tried to do, the bitter I became. I also had friends that liked to live their life in negative and drama.

I finally had enough of my own and other's pity party.

So I decided to share only the light. To allow as much light, and allow people to see my wings.

My joy now is to service my friends and family with rays of happiness. To help others, and share the good within. The Law of Attraction tells me the more I send out, the more I will get back in abundance.

That is my message. And since that day, it has truly been this easy!

love, Kimmy


  1. Well I can testify to the fact that you have and are successful spreading your light.

    I know I have gained much from you and it's only been a short while.

    I have always practiced and believed in the 10 fold rule.

    What you give out unselfishly and with a giving and pure heart will return to you 10 fold.

    It has never failed me yet!!

    Love and hugs Kimmy:-)))

  2. You sound like a wonderful Lady, Keep on sharing the light. But make sure that you keep some of the light on you also. Have a wonderful weekend

  3. hi... I like your posts... keep shining! happy sunday!

  4. Hi Kimmy,
    I feel you have accomplished what you have set out to do. You are a ray of light to all who read your blog. I look foward to your posts, they give me daily doses of inspiration which I feel is one of the many sources to the light. It is hard sometimes to know our true self when we get caught up in our "roles" in life. Taking the time to visit the light helps us keep in touch with our true selfs, without that I know I would be caught up in the negative and ego. Eckhart Tolles book A New Earth teaches us that as well. It is a great book, if you haven't read it already.
    Take Care,
    Talk to you soon,
    Janet :)

  5. Kimmy thanks for sharing this about yourself. :) You do such a wonderful job sharing and spreading your light.

  6. Lovely article, authentic, honest and pure, keep shining bright Kimmy!

  7. The Divine Kimmy :)
    You bring me unexpected moments of Happiness. Gratitude preserves old friendships, and procures new.
    “We cannot tell the exact moment a friendship is formed; as in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses, there is at last one that makes the heart run over.”

    Thank you for your drops of kindness and sharing

    Cheers & Hugs