Monday, October 20, 2008

Ocean Of Perspectives

Hello friends!

I received an award from Lea at Ocean Of Thank you and love and light to you!

I love butterflies, and this truly made my day.

Let's talk about Lea. I am not sure if you had a chance to see her website. Lea is a beautiful soul seeker, looking always to share light, knowledge, and inspiration with others. I enjoy her writing style, and appreciate her words that have enhanced my journey. A must add to your daily reads!

I will pass on the butterfly award later this week. But for know, I wanted to personally thank Lea!

love, Kimmy


  1. Congrats! If there was ever an award for you--this one is it. :)

  2. Kimmy that was beautiful and thank you so much. Being Clairsentient, I am drawn to people and places by their energy and your site expresses your positive and loving energy. It's always a pleasure to visit. Keep up the good work. Sending you loving energy. Many blessings

  3. congratulations it is well deserved..:))

  4. Kimmy what a lovely and insightful post.

    I think we all need to be reminded to stay aware.

    And realize just exactly how our actions effect others.

    I hope you will drop by and join in on this:

    It is a wonderful project.

    Hugs and Love always!:-)