Wednesday, October 29, 2008



  1. As usual I love it. Oh Kimmy can you send me some inspiration and strength via osmosis?

    I am so tired tonight and still have a post to dream up out of no where.

    It seems I am always winging it...I must like it that way!!


  2. Kimmy, I swear to the Goddess that you have posted this just for me today. It is exactly what I needed to see and hear.

    I am taking that one extra step.

    Thank you for posting this.

  3. Dear Kimmy,
    your hearty words touched my heart - I was comforted and strengthened and inspired. Thank you. Your site awakes and moves- unlocks the magical treasures of the eternal wisdom. I was sat back in awe while reading your page. It reminded me the secret.
    While we all enjoy the flowers, they wither in the loneliness, but revive and flourish when their wondrous fragrance is put on the wings of gratitude and shared with all around- when the word is spread but not kept for oneself.
    Dear Kimmy, Coming to your blog was the real rehabilitation to me . Thanks once again

  4. What a great insight, "Courage is walking to the edge of the light then taking one more step." There are so many times in light when we just have to take the leap of faith and believe , even when there is no visible path ahead.

  5. Really love this message :-)

    Thank you!