Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Awareness is when we are able to realize what we are doing. We observe ourselves, noticing our reactions, actions, and choices as if we were a detached viewer. Awareness is the first step to change because we can’t make a change unless we are aware that one needs to be made in the first place.

We can then begin understanding why we are doing what we are doing. Afterward, it becomes difficult not to change because we are no longer asleep to the truth behind our behaviors.

We also begin to realize that, just as much as we are the root source behind the causes for our behaviors, we are also the originator for any changes that we want to happen.

Taken from Daily Om.


  1. I find myself often reminding myself to be in the moment. That's the only way I can remember things. One thing at a time.

  2. Agreed. It doesn't matter how many self-help books you read or what seminars you attend -- without awareness, you can't know what your problem is, nor what will fix it.


  3. Hi Kimmy, thanks for your comment at my blog. I did respond if you want to check it out. It kinda relates to what you are saying and especially what 'siteseer' said. "in the moment" 026 | More Convinced Less Afraid

    btw what is "Daily Om"?

    grace & peace,

  4. it comes from within...sometimes we get so wrapped in what goes on around us we forget..