Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Warcraft at Entertainment Earth

What is "Recruit-A-Friend"?

Our new friend referral system allows you to recruit some of your friends to join you in World of Warcraft by sending them an invitation email containing a trial activation key. With this key, your friends will be able to set up their own trial accounts.

To start this process log on to the Account Management section and click the Recruit-A-Friend button. This will take you to the actual friend referral page, where you can enter a friend's email address and name one at a time. If you want, you can also enter a message that will be included in the invitation email.

How can I earn the exclusive in-game mount?

For each person you refer who upgrades to a retail version of World of Warcraft and purchases two months of game time, you will be able to give a character on the account you sent the invitation from an exclusive in-game zhevra mount. This unique mount can be claimed through the website, is only available to Recruit-A-Friend participants, and can only be applied to a single character.

When do players receive the zhevra mount -- after two months or as soon as the recruit has paid for two months?

Players will be eligible to claim the zhevra mount once the recruit has successfully paid for two months of subscription time.

Recruits that have upgraded to a retail account receive their initial recurring subscription charge after the free 30 days have expired. The use of a Prepaid Game Card on the recruits account will make the players account immediately eligible to claim the zhevra mount.

What in-game benefits do we get while the accounts we play are linked?

1. Characters on both accounts can summon each other once per hour.
2. While adventuring with your linked friend/family member, you will each gain triple experience.
3. For every two levels the new player earns, the new player can grant one free level-up to a lower-level character played by the veteran player.

How long will I be linked to my recruit?

The link between the accounts will last for 90 days from the date that your recruit creates an account. Remember that for the link to work properly, your recruit must create a new World of Warcraft account using the 10-day trial key in your invitation email.

When my friend/family member upgrades from a trial account to a full version of the game, will that break the link between the accounts?

Nope! Your friend/family member will have to upgrade to continue playing past the 10-day trial, and the accounts you play will stay linked until the full 90 days have passed.


So many of you by now have to wonder why I posted this! So the question is, how many of you know some one that plays/is consumed by this. How have you brought it up to them?


  1. This system seems to indicate the first chink in the armor. It reeks of desperation.

    It also renders the first 60 levels of game content totally irrelevant. They might as well just erase the original world and let people start at level 60.

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  2. A friend of a friend did this and, I'm told, has a cool new mount and has zoomed up in levels over a short period of time from earning triple experience points. I think having the accounts linked is a good way to teach a newbie or just to play around with a friend.

  3. In answer to your question, fortunately no. I've purposely tried to stay away myself...I know that I would get to caught up in a game like World of Warcraft.

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