Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When the light is dim

Sometimes when my light is dim, I don't have things to say. My mind races with negative, dark thoughts. I notice that I can make everything about me, and become paranoid on who is out to get me. It's a place that can consume me.

I find on dimmer days, it's easier to let it pass, rather than to dwell on the darkness.


  1. times like these look deeper..a lot of times it will show us how to cope..

  2. aw, Kimmy...I'm shining some light your way!

  3. I told you I like your format. But you've changed it. I like when you specifically ask for reader input ("What do you do when your light goes out?). But I messed up, too on Letters to Myself: I wrote a post to "medicine man" entitled "What Ails You" and didn't specifically end the post with "I'd like to hear what ails YOU". How many ways can we encourage comments?

  4. Sometimes I am scared. Feeling vulerable and a bit down, I told about asking for advice and comments. Feeling insecure, I was afraid that no one would comment. It seems that rejection is another paranoia I have when the light is dim. Thank you helping me see an extra step.

  5. Correction: Feeling vulerable and a bit down, I thought about asking for advice and comments;

  6. ever we imagine if no light in our world "only" one day??...
    just blogwalking to yours... i hv click your entrecard. wait yours at my blog.. thanks