Thursday, September 18, 2008

Transcript of the mind

The human body is but a literal transcript of the mind. Physical inharmonies can be rectified through mental and spiritual lawfulness.

But because the pro­cess is complex and gradual, the correspondence is not superficially apparent. Every living thing grows into the likeness of its environment. We can invoke the true or the false and surround ourselves with it as if by magic.

Through obedi­ence to Law, we are creators and can build subjective worlds. Before long, the objective sphere takes on those qualities. - Dr. Thurman Fleet

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  1. I don't think illusion is the best answer. But it's a good answer when you need to be fed spiritually and no evidence is forthcoming. There's the "benefit of a certainty": If someone is sure of something then they can choose NOT to do it. Though I used to believe what I didn't see, now I don't believe what I see. And for those for whom "seeing is believing", I create reality. But I'm better off not believing in it, myself.