Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taste your words

An old friend said to me, "taste your words before spitting them out". I have heard that before. Still, kind of harsh maybe but true none the less.

So my light for today is mostly for me. Take time and think before you say something. I need to just slow down, and either choose my words, or say nothing. Helping others by being harsh doesn't always work with people. Saying "It's my way", is only another excuse for bad behavior.


  1. not a phrase I had heard before but they do apply..thought before words is always a good thing

  2. Generally I agree with you, but everyone must be careful that your words are softened to the point that they loose the meaning. I has was very direct today with someone because the kinder suggestions were not working. Sometime you need to be ready with a stick if the more gentle approaches have not taken root.

    I believe you can be harsh in your critic of a situation or be very direct and still be professional. I think many people cannot be direct without making it personal.

  3. I completely agree with you on this. I have noticed that very few people actually think before they speak, I don't know if they are unaware that some of their words are harsh and inappropriate or that they do it to hurt others. I think that the latter is mostly true but of course that is just my interpretation of human nature that all human beings are evil by nature and only do good because they are prompted by fear of retribution.