Saturday, August 21, 2010


Make regular time for yourself where you can be totally alone.

A quiet place is preferable.

Just sit quietly with no expectations.

This may feel very uncomfortable and strange in the beginning. Persist and practice!

You need to give time and space for your inner voice to make itself heard.

With this solitude, it will occur or you will know exactly what you need to hear. With solitude, you will get a sudden flash of intense insight.

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  1. When I was homeless, I'd spend all day looking for a place to sleep that night. That was a flash of insight... something so important that we take for granted. Even now, I'll spend weeks walking around looking for that perfect place to sit and be alone (but not too alone... where I can see nature... and people passing by... but not too public). I found that place (off to the side of a curving road, in the grass, under a tree, with a small patch of woods behind me, and a hillside across the street). And I didn't want to tell anyone I knew where it was! I watch the seasons there. Stillness. But no insight.

  2. Thank you for your amazing post. When I wrote it, I thought, hey, maybe stillness without insight is okay. And I think you just helped me with a major misconception. I think I look for answers and reasons do deeply I force insight. I want to believe there is an answer for every feeling, for every problem. I have problems with Blessed be. Thank you, that will be my exercise for the week. Just to BE! Hugs!

  3. Kimmy,
    Your post is so true. Everyone needs time for total aloneness--definitely a tool for self growth. In fact, next weekend I'm going on a weekend retreat, alone. I'm going to think, read, write, meditate and make goals.I'm so excited!

  4. To me, doing nothing seems to be such a waste of time. I have to be doing SOMETHING all the time; otherwise, I feel like I'm wasting my life away.

  5. Michael, sometimes a 30 break, to rest the mind, can repair the thoughts that run through my head.

  6. Kimmy,

    Every since I was a small child, I have needed to have my time alone. While I love the company of others, I also crave my time alone. I may not always spend it quietly, I do spend it within myself.

    When things are troubling me, I need that time so much more. I have a tendency to keep others at bay when I am not accepting myself for whatever reason. A habit that has not always served me well, however, I find very hard to break.

    I too, am always in search for the insight, or lesson that you speak of, when I am troubled. I am never satisfied until I find it. However, I have also found that many times the aha moment comes when I let it go for awhile, and least expect it. I ask the questions in my moments of silence, and then later I can be doing most anything, including watching a silly show on TV, and someone will say something, or do something, and although the situation may not fit my own, whatever it is brings the answer in a sudden moment of insight, and everything becomes so clear.

    But you are so right, that we all need time to ourselves. It's the only way we will ever even begin to come to know ourselves. Although, I believe that is a lifetime journey. So many, spend their entire lives trying to figure our everyone around them, that they never stop to realize that they are a stranger to themselves.