Sunday, September 28, 2008

Golden Opportunity

This social evolution follows a capitalism based on credit (Our current system?) with a capitalism based on (real) capital: Utopia! So is this where we are now? Surely, we've known for a long time that how much money a person makes says very little about how well off they are.

Sorry: Poor: Humble: Modest: Average: Comfortable: Rich: Wealthy: Well-Off

*Sorry people should be apologetic!
*Poor includes poor in spirit and also poor health.
*Being humble may involve being humiliated!
*Sometimes I have to be modest (more below).
*Average people may also be "mean" (the mean is the arithmetic average).
*Comfort is the cure for dis-ease.
*Wealth is better than riches (think about it).
*Well-off (or "well") is at the opposite end of the spectrum from poor.

Why I'm modest: I've been all the way down to poorest of poor (physically and spiritually). I've been sorry! Sorry can be a turn-around point. Probably I've never really been well-off. Though, perhaps I have a wealth (of knowledge). Surely, my life is rich in tradition (most of ours are). And maybe I'm just average (sometimes I'm mean)?

I find myself between being mean and feeling humiliated. Being modest keeps me from being mean. And it keeps me from feeling humiliated! Where would you place yourself?

Hi every one! Please welcome my friend Brett from mindcreation. I met Brett through his site, Dear, me. For more like this please visit his website and blog. This is my first guest posting! Thank you Brett for being a guest on kimmysharinglight. You are welcome anytime.

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